ECHOREV is an international duo that sings songs, drops beats, and builds spaceships that will take you on a journey from the light into the darkness and back again. Johnny Nicholson (California) and Jörn Bielfeldt (Germany) craft a new breed of electronic pop. They perform songs propelled by soaring vocals and dynamic instrumental layering, mixing raw and ethereal sounds, with “anthem quality and many a sing-a-long moment.” (The Owl Magazine). Since the release of their debut album, Find North (September 2011), and their last EP – The Mermaid & The Astronaut (June 2012) the duo has performed over 150 shows across Europe and the U.S. ECHOREV’s forthcoming release showcases singles from their upcoming album and portrays their developing collaboration with mixed media technologist Javier Cruz. Cruz orchestrates an optic experience that pushes the boundaries of live audio/visual connectivity, simultaneously harmonizing his visuals with the music. //