ECHOREV is an international trio that blends three unique voices into one. Johnny Nicholson, Jörn Bielfeldt, and Ann Driscoll, craft a new breed of indie rock: electrified folk songs propelled by organic electro-beats. ECHOREV’s debut release, Find North, (September 2011, Monkey Rock Records) and their upcoming tour, will take you on a journey from the light into the darkness and back again.

(c)(p) 2011 ECHOREV

Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Johnny Nicholson, and experimental German drummer, Jörn Bielfeldt found each other in Boston during the winter of ’09. There the two began defining the sound that would become ECHOREV. Johnny had toured the country as a solo performer, developing an ever-expanding and evolving catalog of not-so-traditional folk pop songs. Anchored in his natural, soulful vocal delivery and intricate finger picking guitar style, Johnny’s songs-as-tone-poems took on a new light in collaboration with Jörn. With roots in electronic music and free improvisation, Jörn’s use of live, analog processing and looping pushed the music further. As the sound continued to develop, it called for a third element. Good friend, and collaborator, Ann Driscoll joined the band, solidifying ECHOREV as a trio and adding to it Ann’s energy as a performer, bass player, multi-instrumentalist, and fellow singer/songwriter.

At the beginning of 2010, Johnny moved to Baja, Mexico, Ann moved to New York City, while Jörn stayed in Boston. A year and a half in the making, Find North brought the bi-coastal band together over several two-week sessions in Baja and finally in Los Angeles, where they recorded the bulk of the sessions for Find North with producer and sound-engineer Alex Krispin.

ECHOREV performed their energetic, atmospheric live show this past January for several tour dates in Germany and France, earning the support of hundreds of new fans eager for their next visit. This Fall 2011, ECHOREV will kick off their Find North tour on the East Coast of the U.S. in September before heading overseas for a month in Germany, France, and the U.K., finally returning to the West Coast in November. 

This summer, ECHOREV will release one song from Find North every week up until the start of their tour in September. The two pre-released songs off the record, “Sparks” and “Cycles of Dreamers” capture Find North’s blend of dreamy yet haunting folk-pop-electro. With their moniker inspired by the French word for ‘dream’ -  ‘rêve’ , the band will be sharing their dreams with listeners and concert-goers alike this Fall 2011.



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